Breaking it down: Life, fashion, and styling

Life…fashion…styling… Three things that are pretty darn essential. That is, if you’re at all interested in making the most of what you’ve got here on planet Earth…


There’s living, and then there’s living. And let me just tell ya…L & F Clothing Boutique is all for living. Cute clothes are THE SHIZ, but this charming online shop is more than that. Jessica Shelter, the talented woman who runs this business, believes in giving back. She does work for boutiques aside from her own. She helps promote a non profit boutique just out of the goodness of her heart. That made me want to buy EVEN MORE items from her boutique.

(Like my dress?? Get it here.)

While we took pictures, it was scorching hot. I was sweating, and I know that Jessica was, too. Not even batting an eye, she stood there and snapped pictures until she got the one that she wanted (and that had the best lighting AND the most flattering angle). I must say, I may have come off as quite the wimp. And the worst part…we were in the shade! The performance that I saw yesterday was an example of working in a harsh condition. You’re a better person than I am, Jessica. Bravo.

We meandered around until we came to the perfect alley way. Not only was it in the shade and had phenomenal lighting, but it provided darling scenery for a darling photo.


All (ok, MOST) of us strive to make good fashion choices. Jessica works not only on her OWN fashion, but the fashion of others. How…sweet…is…that. I barely notice if my right shoe matches my left one.

I mean it when I say that L & F Boutique has something for everybody. Even for ME! I’m not an easy person to shop for…I’m 5’10 and half of my height is from my legs! Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the times I like my legs, but even MORE often, I wish I was just a pocket sized being like a lot of my friends. On the very first page of Jessica’s boutique, I found this dress. With this sucker, I don’t have to pull it down every 5 seconds or tug at it awkwardly when I sit down. Believe me when I say…that’s not something I easily come by…


I met Jessica in my denim jacket. I said, “oh, sorry, I’ll take this off!” She said, “no, keep it on, we could do something cute with this!” Right away, she was helping style me. She’s good at it, and that’s why she made it her job.

Styling an outfit isn’t a talent that everyone has. Some people have the special touch (hey Jessica!!) and some people don’t. That’s where a boutique like this one (or if you’re really lucky, Jessica, herself 😆) comes in handy.

Check out her boutique, and start feeling great TODAY! You won’t regret it.




How to gain weight the healthy way

To answer your question, it’s jewelry. And maybe there’s a few other ways, but this is the way I know, ok?

Yes. You CAN layer up in the summer. Even if you live in Alabama. I’ve gotcha covered, ma dudes. Lil shorts and lil tank tops look darling with lil charms. But, I’m afraid that you’re not getting the full effect…

Well…would you just look at that? What a classy alternative to amp up your simple outfit. Good news, ladies. You can leave the 6 inch heels that force you into doing a special kind of yoga that costs a million bajillion dollars (guilty) at home. Who needs to practice the “child’s pose” 3 times a day (guilty again) when it’s SO much easier to jazz up an outfit with cool jewelry. Psshh. Heels aren’t even that cool…and maybe I’m just mad at the world right now because I wore heels for a week straight and now I have more blisters than I can count. But, that’s beside the point.

My personal fave: pearls

Real? Fake? Yeah, I’m not telling you, Ok, they’re fake…imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

You can tell a lot about a person from their jewelry. Or at least, the person that they WANT to be. For example. I think I want to be sophisticated today. Hence, the getup.

Then there’s the whole bracelet thing. I’ve always been kind of boring in this area…but I’m coming out of my shell for the sake of this post. You’re welcome.

I’ve always been a big fan of jewelry, don’t get me wrong. But, I don’t USUALLY wear this much. Remember how I talked about “layering up” earlier? Yeahhhh, it rarely happens here.

Back in February, I made a New Year’s resolution (I WAS A MONTH LATE IN THE WHOLE RESOLUTION-MAKING PROCESS). It was to go outside of my comfort zone more. My goal is to make things that are uncomfortable feel comfortable. Maybe I’m taking baby steps towards that goal, (cuz wearing fun jewelry isn’t exactly something that you would call “courageous”) but you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?




One Biggs Happy Family

While living in a small town in lower Alabama, it’s easy to bump into a figure from your past. For this reason, dating can be a tad bit difficult. Not to mention, there’s not a huge variety of eligible bachelors/bachelorettes. And that is exactly why the Biggs clan often likes to find our fellas from out of town. Sometimes, the “out of town” rule is more like “out of state.” Let me tell you what my dad pulled off:

After I graduated high school, I went to live with my daddy. I was going to community college, and studying my boo-tay off. Dad went to work while I went to school, and in the evening, we basically had the same routine. Eat dinner, clean up, and watch The Simpsons until we could barely hold our eyes open.

Daddy was casually dating, (he’s never had a problem with the ladies) and I was praying that he would find the right one to spend the rest of his life with.

One day, I was folding laundry and waiting for my dad to come home. I heard the key turn and I turned down the television so we could talk about our day. The first thing out of my dad’s mouth was, “I found the woman that I’m going to marry.” I laughed it off and said, “HA, ok dad.” He looked at me with a serious face and said, “no, really, I’m going to marry her.” I started asking him about her, and quickly found out that she lived in BATON ROUGE, and they had never even met in person. Oh, and get this…the woman had a boyfriend.

Ok…so, let’s rewind a few months…

My daddy is originally from Baton Rouge, and he had a lot of good friends in that area. One of his best friends, Shelley, posted a picture of a few of his childhood classmates gathered around a table. He recognized everybody in the photo except for this one particular woman…

He asked Shelley (bottom right) who this woman was, and found out that her name was Adaina Watson (top left). He found her on Facebook, and the weirdo decided to MESSAGE THE LADY. I should mention that my dad was seeing a different woman at the time, and the whole situation looked SO unlikely…and kind of weird.

MONTHS go by, and this lady still hasn’t messaged my dad back. Now that I think about it, she was probably a little bit weirded out…

FINALLY, almost half a year later, the woman responded.

“Hey! You had sent me a message a while back, and I just got around to it.”

And there it was. The first thing that Adaina ever said to my daddy…or so we thought. After a while of messaging back and forth, they found out that they had met before. In 7th grade. My dad pulled out his seventh grade yearbook, and sure enough, there she was.

Adaina finally got comfortable enough to give my dad her number. The two texted, while my dad continued to obsess over her. As I was finding out more about her, the more I was wanting her to stay in my dad’s life. He was so happy, and that’s what I wanted for him.

Adaina still lived in Baton Rouge with her son, who was 17 at the time. She filled my dad in on him and his many accomplishments.

My dad goes by the name of Andrew, even though his first name is Steven. Steven Andrew Biggs. Let me tell you why his name is cool. Adaina named her son Stephen. STEPHEN ANDREW WATSON! We both took that as a sign. I started to think that maybe this little something could turn into a big something…

I gave daddy a hypothetical situation. What if Adaina was single? Aaaand, that made him go crazy. But, the good news was, he wasn’t crazy for long. Like magic, Adaina parted ways with her boyfriend, and it was ON. My dad’s plan was to pursue her no matter the cost. He carried it out beautifully.

I remember the day that he decided to meet Adaina halfway for their first in-person/date thingy. I helped him pick out his clothes, and made sure he looked good. Well…I guess I have good judgement because Adaina liked him. He came home that day happy as the sun! For a majority of their conversation, Adaina tried to talk my dad out of dating her.

“I’m not going to cook for you, I’m not going to clean for you, and I’m not going to scratch your back.”


You know how much that affected my dad? Not at all.

Daddy, not intimidated in the slightest, said, “I can cook, I can clean, and I can scratch my own back.”

I guess she was impressed because guess who got a kiss on the first date?!

The two continued to have Skype dates, and my dad would go over to Baton Rouge when he could. It came time for her to come down to stay with us in Alabama. This would be Adaina’s first time meeting our family. I remember it so well. She was an angel. She was just what my dad needed and what my family wanted for him.

Adaina had always wanted a daughter, and she loved spending time with me and my sister. We bonded with her and fell more in love with her every day. As did my dad.

I got a call from my dad, not even a year later, and he told me that he was planning on popping the question. He kept repeating, “I hope she’s going to say yes!” I must have rolled my eyes at least 30 times within that five minute conversation.

The day came. It was around the time that “Pokémon GO” was really popular. Dad had told Adaina that we were, as a family, going out to play Pokémon GO. When we arrived to our destination, we stepped out of the car, and Adaina was expecting to go catch a Pikachu. And that’s when daddy pulled out a ring and got down on one knee. Adaina didn’t hesitate to say, “YES!!”

What a great day.

Today, I watched that beautiful lady walk down the isle. I watched her say “I do” and I watched my dad say it back. I watched our family and friends smile through their tears of pure joy, as the preacher introduced them as “Mr. and Mrs. Biggs.” I finally had the little brother that I had always wanted, my aunt finally had the sister that she had always wanted, and my dad finally had the woman that he had always wanted. Adaina and Stephen went from having an itty bitty family to having a HUGE family.

I often think what life would be like if God hadn’t have put that picture right there in front of my dad. If dad didn’t have the courage to send her a message. If she didn’t have the courage to write back. The smallest thing can be a deciding factor in its outcome. There are so many cases where huge blessings come in small packages. Whether it’s a wrong turn, deciding to go in that specific coffee shop, or messaging a stranger that you saw on Facebook. Take chances. If I’ve learned anything from watching my dad’s story unfold, it’s that.



P.S.: Adaina has cooked for my dad multiple times, cleaned for my dad, AND scratched his back. It must really be true love.





Wits & Wedges: Part 3

Holy macaroni (yes, I can spell “macaroni” without spell check 😎). Here we are. After two wonderful outfits/bling things/everything else that IS happiness. Behold, part three of three. Don’t look back, (wait, no, actually the jewelry is really cute so…) try not to cry. Dude. I’m trying. I’ve already had to watch my baby cousin (he’s a baby, ok?) graduate high school this month. Now this? Geeeeeez, I need a pint of ice cream (if you want to make a donation, hit me up 🤙 😆). Join me in taking a deep breath as we embark on our final adventure (ahhhh, what?!!).

Hm…there seems to be a theme going on here. CUTE JEWELRY, AYYYYY! But, seriously…it’s quite the fetching find. For our last outfit we said “what the heck” and brought out the fun stuff. No, not beer, cuz GAG. I’m talking bout pom poms and tassels. First of all, “Poms Poms and Tassels” sounds like it could be Kanye’s hot new single, second of all, sit your tushies down cuz I have a story. When I was in the third grade, I was gluing random stuff on other random stuff to make a baller creation. Get this, I totally did. And Lilly’s beaded and brightly colored (yo, take notes, Kanye) earrings, my tassel bedazzles, and my stellar momma’s tassel/pom pom necklace was the coolest case of déjà vu that’s happened to me since…like, in a long time.

My necklace (not that anyone cares, but it reminded me of cool Indian artifacts that you would find in a museum) was my favorite piece. EVEN OVER THE TASSEL BEDAZZLES, AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING. Thank you, Indian artifacts, for making me look cool.

Hot pink. Ummm, hot AND pink. And that’s Lilly’s shoes in a nutshell. I mean, come on, tell me I’m wrong. And does Mrs. Christina’s top look like something straight offa Pinterest or WHAT?! Ruffles for DAYZZZZ. The two dark haired beauties looked charming with their teensy lil mugs at their teensy lil table. It made for a teensy lil picture for my teensy lil blog. Bravo, ladies. Bravo.

You look hungry. Here’s a little food for thought:

Do you or a loved one suffer from the opinions of society? Well. Don’t….give….a flying….flip. Tassel bedazzles are here for you.



P.S.: Don’t come crying to me when you have writer’s block, Kanye.

Thank you, Noonday Collection for giving us the opportunity to stand out. Not only did you challenge me and my folks to step out of our comfort zones, but you showed us that it’s not uncomfortable at all. Beauty is all around us. It’s ok to stop and stare! Sometimes, a pair of spunky earrings is all you need to be your best self.

-Jen, Lilly, Christina, and Berry


Wits & Wedges: Pt. 2

Ahhh, nothing like a good ole sundress. And it looks like everybody got the memo. And THAT is because women have super cool telepathic powers…and then there’s that whole “text message” thing, but whatever, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. We sat down, had light conversation, and forgot that there was a woman (hey Mrs. Wendy!) snapping pictures. Bro, talk about faking it til you make it. It wasn’t easy to pretend like she wasn’t there. Lucky for me, my fellas are champs. Jenny: 1, obviously posed looks: 0.

Our bling things didn’t let us down. No. They built us up. From boho to earthy, to simple to flat out BUSY, (GOOD busy…I mean duh, it’s the Noonday Collection sooooo…) we’ve gotcha covered. You know that feeling when you walk into a department store and are just OVERWHELMED with cute clothing? Yeah. That was us, but with super cute trinkets. Trinkets galore, y’all. If I had a penny for every time I said, “no, I don’t like this necklace” I would have, like…I would be broke. Anybody who read “Wits & Wedges: Pt. 1” (ok, for real, what are you even doing here if you haven’t read part 1?) knows just HOW MUCH jewelry was part of this showcase. OODLES!

First things first. The colors. The Hodges ladies put every other dress to shame in their lil black dresses. Noonday was happy to accommodate. Like mother, like daughter! I’m not sure if they planned this, (probably not, because TELEPATHY, REMEMBER?) but they looked like they were straight outta Hollywood.

Ay? Ay? Sweet Lilly and Mrs. Christina made our cold coffee hot again, if you know what I’m sayin’. The Noonday Collection rushed to their side to help them accessorize. And really, it didn’t take much to make them sparkle. GUYS, GUYS look how gosh darn cute.

And then there were two. The blonde beauty and me. We were the ones that brought the colors (TELEPATHY!). It was a tad more difficult to find bedazzles for us. But fortunately, Noonday likes a challenge. BAM!

“What is that Harry Potter-like thing hanging from your neck??” IT’S A NECKLACE, SILLY! It might be magical…it might not…aaaand that’s for you to find out. CLICK HERE TO LOOK JUST LIKE MEEEEE

Itty bitty cups for itty bitty people. We totally felt like we were at the coolest tea party EVER. Personally, I think we should have been invited to the Royal Wedding, but it’s whatever…




Lilly: @lillyhodges

Mrs. Christina: @christinahodges

The Blonde Beauty: @berrymckelvain

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Wits & Wedges: Pt. 1

So much jewelry in one place! Is being starstruck by jewelry a thing? Because that was me today. The Noonday Collection hooked us up with several stunning pieces (and made for a few pretty cool photos…get ready, Instagram). Mrs. Wendy Hogan (@endyway), the pretty lady who represents (and does a good job) this FANTABULOUS collection, laid out multiple trays packed with lovely necklaces, bracelets, AND earrings. Y’all, she EVEN supplied us with our stylin’ purses. Come on, girl… I can’t just choose ONE necklace, ONE bracelet, and ONE pair of earrings. And that, my friends, is why we took a bazillion pictures giving EVERY piece the attention it deserved. Due to the OODLES of pieces we had, this post is only going to cover a third of this selection…stay tuned for the other two thirds (hey mom, I’m good at math!) Now…time to make every jewelry lover jealous…

HEY FAM (two of them are my “metaphorical fam”). The lovely lady in the red, Lilly (@lillyhodges), came along with her (sugar, spice, and literally EVERYTHING nice) momma (@christinahodges) to help me showcase some shizzzzz. And that pretty blonde lady next to me is MY momma (@berrymckelvain). Oh my GOSH, y’all, I’m one proud fella. Aren’t my folks just totally adorbs??

We struck a few poses outside before we melted. We were totally about to sweat our “cool” off. And I don’t think anybody wants to see a bunch of pictures of under enthusiastic women who were once full of hopes and dreams drenched in sweat…oh, you do? Well. That’s weird…

The fact that we are in the shade is no accident…

Alright…what’s so special about this jewelry? Sit tight, I’ll tell ya. These pieces, (HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS, GUYS) are handcrafted in places like Haiti and Guatemala. If THAT doesn’t make these pieces even cooler (not to mention, they’re super cute), then I don’t know WHAT will (oh, oh, I wore it!! Does that help?? No?? Ok den)…

Lilly and her momma bear helped each other through the process of “omg, how do I look?” They did an excellent job because HOLY GUACAMOLE LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!

Do our skin tones clash? Diversity, right? Gotta love it. However, there’s something that we all have in common. Our love of coffee. Our friends at Refuge Coffee (@refugecoffeefairhope) did us the solidest solid and let us shoot in their shop, rearrange their furniture, AND use their very own back room so that we could brainstorm ideas. Pretty dang solid, ay? And not to mention, they have the best gosh darn coffee in the freaking world. Still waiting for this place to become a chain and get famous. I want the world to experience this liquid energy. You would be blessed to burn your tongue on some of this jitter juice.@jenny.biggs

Going out of your comfort zone is something that you should try. It just WORKED. At the risk of sounding like a cheeseball, don’t be afraid of leaving that whole “comfort zone” thing behind. Take a risk once in a while! You may end up surprising yourself. 🤗😊



The moral floral: rompers

Flowers are pretty. I think I’ll wear them. Even though I’m not smart enough to know what kind of flower I’m wearing (roses, I believe), I walk around like I DO! For real, it’s bad. Sometimes I’ll mix up a tulip from a violet…a VIOLET! My (modest) romper made me feel like quite the important person. It was a heck of an illusion 🤫😆

My legs and I…we have a love/hate relationship. They are sooooo long, which is cool, but there are so many clothes that I can’t wear because of this (not to mention, shaving them takes forever)!! It’s hit and miss with these things. I’ll wear shorts, just NORMAL length shorts…not too short…and I MAKE them look SUPER short. It’s a challenge to find a modest pair. Now, if the suckers were already short to begin with, it’s pretty much hopeless…About the romper…it’s dark, and it makes me look even more pale than I already am, but it’s cute, ok? Online shopping is my favorite thing, and the wonderful folks of Shein have great prices, modest clothing (I’m not one for the whole “I’m going to show as much skin as I can so guys will like me” look), AND it’s cute. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a store with ALL THREE qualities? When I find a place like this, I stick with it. So…hope you’re ready to see more cute rompers.

“Hey…nice shoes. They look like they hurt.” Well. JOKE’S ON YOU CUZ THEY TOTALLY ONLY GAVE ME LIKE ONE BLISTER! So ha.

Now, please don’t be confused, men. Yes, I think rompers are cute, but I think the MALE romper (wait, that isn’t on trend, is it??) makes you look a little, what’s the word…gooberish. But hey, if that’s what you’re going for, knock yourself out.

Questions? Come find me on Instagram!