Peaceful Easy Feeling

Glenn Frey, guitarist/vocalist for “The Eagles”, sings the lyrics “I’m already standing on the ground”, crediting it to a romantic relationship with a woman. In fact, he claims that he has a “peaceful easy” feeling because of her. Now, is this the way that you should feel in a trusting, lovely relationship such as the one featured on the track? Well, yes! Of course! But, it may surprise you to know the real inspiration behind the song.

Jack Tempchin, our lyricist here, did not write this song based on reality. In fact, he wrote it based entirely on fantasy.

Imagine a naive, young man trying to make it in the music industry, booking as many gigs as possible. Tempchin had landed a gig at a local coffee shop, where he developed an attraction to a server. She, however, did not feel the same way. Knowing that he couldn’t have her struck the nerve in his brain that is responsible for the lyrics of “Peaceful Easy Feeling“.

The next morning, after spending the night on the floor of the coffee shop, Tempchin headed back to his San Diego home. There, he shared his new track with his friends, who were all musicians, as well. As they were discussing changes to the song over coffee, he and the boys would stare out the window at all of the pretty ladies. One lady in particular struck Tempchin’s eye. A lady with dark skin and sparkling earrings. Yes, the same lady in the first verse of the song.

Jack Tempchin was finally done with his musical masterpiece, and like an eager child, he rushed home to show it off. As he played his new song, a young man named Glenn Frey overheard him. He explained that he had a new band called “The Eagles”, and if he would be willing to let them work with the song. The rest is history.

The very next day, Glenn brought Jack a cassette tape. He listened to what they had done with his song, and he was speechless.

Later that year, 1972, Jack was traveling across America with the radio playing in the background. “Peaceful Easy Feeling” came on the airwaves, and he knew that he had made it.

Today, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” remains one of the band’s most popular songs, and reached No. 22 on the charts. Tempchin’s original lyric sheet is on display at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It appeared on “The Eagles'” debut album.

Don’t worry about me… I’m already standing on the ground.