Cool things and time machines: The 80s

Do you remember the 80s? Well. Lucky you. I played dress up today and so many things that wouldn’t be acceptable today (denim on denim, “ugly” sweaters, shoulder pads, etc.) were TOTALLY HOT in the 80s. When people say “you’re so extra” OHHH MAN they totally don’t get it. It took me two hours to get ready. I was more extra TODAY then I’ve ever been in my entire life. Did people tease their hair every day? Or did people always have perms? I have so many questions. Here’s a few that I came up with…

1. Did everybody have those cute bug eyed cars? Or was that a different decade?

2. How many bottles of hairspray did you go through in a month?

3. I understand that the folks in the 80s appreciated tight clothing and heels. What if you just felt like having a casual day? What happened then? Was that when the Spandex and leg warmers came out to play?

4. Did anybody wear old fashion trends, such as poodle skirts or bell bottoms, and you were like, “ugh…get with the times”?

Ok, so maybe I put a modern twist on my outfit. I honestly couldn’t help it. I teased the CRAP out of my hair and I just couldn’t get the volume I wanted to achieve…*sniffle sniffle*.

Oh, and one more thing…Ok, so what are ‘Pillow People’? That sounds like some kind of horror film. And Garbage Pail Kids? Huh? What even is that? That sounds like it could be the sequel! Educate me.

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