3 tips for a happy relationship

I may not be a math guru, but I did the math on this, AND checked my work. From a female’s perspective, and from what I have experienced over the years, these tips work. And NOT just for the guy in the relationship. For both of you. Believe me, I know.

1. Just because they don’t speak to you for a few hours doesn’t mean they don’t CARE.

Men and women are different. A lot of women freak out when they haven’t heard from their significant other for a while. The truth is, guys don’t think much of it. They don’t MEAN to upset you. They DO still like you. They still care! Give the homies a break. I’ve been “that girl” in the past. The one that took everything personally and thought that if the guy that I was with didn’t text me for hours, he hated me. It made me a paranoid freak. I thought, “oh, NOW he’s texting me. He’s only doing that because he feels like he has to.” Yeah. I was a lil bit crazy. Maybe I still am. But at least now I know not to lose my cool over a guy not texting me. Now, if you think that he’s ghosting you, that’s unfortunate…there’s a difference between straight up ignoring somebody and not texting them for a little while. If you’re confused, holla at me.

2. Don’t get mad at him for joking around with you

Alright. Duh. But hear me out. He jokes around with his friends like this all day. He doesn’t joke around the same way with you, because you’ll get offended. Ok, I’m gonna say it…some women are just too dang sensitive. Let the guy be himself around you, kapeesh? I’m sure that your man will appreciate that you’re cool enough to take a joke. He’ll surely get a kick out of you coming back with something smart (don’t be too petty, our goal is NOT to start an argument). There is a fine line between him being RUDE to you and him JOKING with you. Hopefully you can tell the difference.

3. Some women treat their men like a dog and expect their man to treat them like a queen

Ok, THIS I see happening a lot. The woman bosses around the man 24/7, the man says something back, and suddenly HE’S the bad guy. That needs to stop. Sometimes the roles are reversed, but I’ll save that one for later. Two words. MUTUAL…RESPECT. Some of you have this down pat, and I applaud you lovely folks. The guy shouldn’t be stuck having to pay the bill every time you go out. The girl shouldn’t feel like she has to cook you a gourmet meal every time you’re hungry. And if she does, great. That will make him feel like he needs to return the favor with a nice gesture, and then it will be her turn, and so on. What a nice cycle THAT could be.

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