Spring is springin’…or something like that

White crop top, floral shorts, sandals, and a fashionable cardigan (message to the simple minds out there: NO, it doesn’t actually keep me warm…or serve any purpose at all. It’s just cute, k?) . Throw all that shiz together and WHAT DO YOU GET?! YOU GET A CUTE OUTFIT, DUH!! Sure, call me extra, but I freaking loved walking around in my local Walmart today…ha, kidding, I went downtown. Y’all really think I go to Walmart dressed like this? Ha, made ya look.

Sorry, got off topic. Yeah, so I’m wearing cute clothes and I’m making all the old ladies say “wait a second…where’s the bottom half of her shirt??” (God bless you old ladies out there, love you guys) To answer your question, it’s called a crop top. And yes, I’m aware that my belly button is exposed (WHAT THE WHAT?!). But hey, if it makes you feel better, I only own like 50.

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