Lemon Squeasy

Why is it that the scones in London are better than American made scones? Why is it that the pizza in Italy is better than the pizza here? And WHY THE HECK is the sushi in Japan better THERE than HERE?

Also, I’ve never actually been to any of these places, I’ve just heard rumors…

Well, here’s why. Because it’s their thing. The same way that the USA has freaking awesome fried chicken. And the same way that everybody has a skill that they specialize in, and no one can hold a match to them.


I love to cook. Love it. The idea of culinary school was even tossed around when it was time to decide on my career path after high school.


I would never ever in a bazillion years challenge somebody like…ohhhh, I don’t know…Gordon FREAKING Ramsey to a cook off. That would be defined as setting myself up for failure.

And do you know why I wouldn’t do something like that? Because cooking is Gordon Ramsey’s thing.

Sooooo. Here’s the lesson:

Everybody has a “thing.” Whether it’s cooking, cars, writing, being funny, being smart, being creative, etc…

Take pride in it. But be careful, don’t boast.

There are several “things” that I wish I could call mine. Like, GEEZ, I suck at math. I really, really suck at math. I WISH that I didn’t. It sure would make school a lot easier. But, I’m better at the arts. Literature and English are my JAM! Maybe it isn’t as useful as math, but hey, at least I’ve got something.

And here’s another lesson…

My gosh, I’m so darn jealous of the “things” that I don’t have. Like SPORTS! I really wish I was good at sports. Any sport at all. But NOPE!

“This child will be in the art club and the drama club.”


And bada bing, bada boom, Jenny was made.

Isn’t there some kind of saying about life handing you lemons? Well, it’s time to make some gosh darn lemonade.


Not asking for a pat on the back or anything, but I guess I’m kinda sorta maybe ok with not being good at certain things…EHEM…lots of things. Oh goodness, it’s embarrassing…I don’t want to talk about it.

I have a proposal:

Let’s you, me, and everybody in between, have a one person talent show. Make a mental list of the things that you can do, and be sure to acknowledge the things that you aren’t so nifty at…even if it’s something silly like driving a stick shift. Yes, that was a tough one for me to accept.

It’s time to be happy. Go and showcase your special talents. HEY, but don’t be a show off…nobody likes those guys.

Congratu-freaking-lations to the “math” fellas out there. Y’all don’t even scare me…psh.

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